Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trip to Napa - Not My Usual Paintings

Hello again. Just wanted to let 'whoever' know that I won't be posting next week, I'm going on a girls trip with my mom and sister to Napa, CA. We have never done this and have always wanted to. It's mom's treat, so we're going. It will be fun.

I HATE TO FLY!!!!!!!!!! I'M A NERVOUS WRECK!!!!!!!!

I know I'm being silly and air travel is the safest way to travel, but I'm still nervous. Thank God for Zanax, don't leave home without it. I'm in no way condoning drug use, but if you need it for true anxiety, that's what it's for. And, I have anxiety.

Well, onto two new pieces. The first is "Evening Glow":

and the next is "Giving Him Props". This is an inspirational/spirtual piece that was done with acrylic and mixed media. This is a favorite, is on my counter top and is not for sale.

Hope you like these pieces and here's praying for a safe trip. Til next time.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Funky Quilt Art

Hello everyone, this is a piece I did awhile back which draws heavily on my past quilting experience. It's somewhat of a collage done like a quilt with pieces of painted paper canvas built upon a black painted gallery profile canvas.

My first artistic outlet was creating quilts, but I found I liked picking the colors and fabrics and putting them together in a creative colorful way better than doing the actual quilting and finishing.

This piece is taking that geometric piecing and doing it with paper and paint. It is very colorful and was fun to do. It is called 'Funky Quilt Art' and is 12" x 12".

Funky Quilt Art

If interested in this piece, please contact me through this site, my e-mail or at

Thanks for looking and hope you like my work. Til next time.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Colorful Outsider Art Mixed Media Abstract Paintings


Let's start again.

Hello again, after my mini-tantrum Friday night, I figured I should be better behaved and post some of my work. Since this is what this blog is all about, my art and trying to get it 'out there' to be seen.

These are some funky mixed media and acrylic pieces I did earlier this year. I used different interesting objects for interest and texture. Cardboard, fabric, a metal grid just to name a few. I wanted these to be edgy and colorful and was in an optimistic mood when doing these, especially the first two. I don't know how artistically relevant they are, but they were fun to do and I definately had a vision in mind when doing them.

1.) "It's a New Day":

11" x 14" - $75.00

2.) "Life's Calling":

11" x 14" - $75.00

3.) "Water Ways":

12" x 12" - $85.00

4.) "Still Waters":

Still Waters
12" x 12" - $85.00

5.) "Reflections":

16" x 20" - $95.00

All of these pieces were done on gallery profile canvases and do not require framing. And, as you may have quessed, they are all for sale. If interested, please contact me through this site, or visit my e-Bay store at

Thank you for reading my blog and viewing my art. 'Til next time - Kat

Friday, May 23, 2008

Why am I blogging?

Why am I blogging? Does anyone read these things? Will it bring my art any exposure and ultimately any sales? I'm doing this because 'they' - the powers that be, said "in order to sell art online, you have to have a blog". What do they know? I guess we'll see.

I'm not posting any additional work tonight, because it's late and I just wanted to post since it's been a couple of days since I've done so. Will anyone read this? God only knows.

You know, I think I have to post tomorrow or another time when my thoughts are clearer and I can show some more of my work. Also, I have to build a web site. I currently have an e-Bay store -, but haven't sold anything in a month and I think e-Bay is getting ready to dry up as far as art sales go. They are getting too greedy with listing and final value fees. Now they want their sellers to not charge shipping fees. What the F? We won't charge shipping but will go up on our prices, which will make it that much harder for starting artists like me to sell. (I can't imagine it being any harder.)

So, in the long run, it will bring in more money for e-Bay in the way of Final Value Fees. They think they are so smart - who do they think they are dealing with? Do they think we or the buyers are that stupid? Come on, give me a break. And, very few people that shop e-Bay for art are willing to pay what the art is really worth, they want garage sale prices. OH, OH, OH, and, sellers can no longer give negative feedback to buyers!!!!!!! So basically a buyer can bid whatever, say $10,000.00, on a piece of art, never pay for it and get off scott free!!!!! No negative feedback, no nothing. What's up with that shit? Unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, enough of my rant against e-Bay. I guess the good thing about blogs is it gives you a forum to rant and put your thoughts out there. Yeah, but does anyone really read these things?

Till next time.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

First Post - May 15, 2008

Hi everyone, a little bit about me. I'm a self-taught artist from South Louisiana. I was born and raised in New Orleans and that fabulous ecclectic city has shaped who I am. I have lived in South Louisiana all my life, but have traveled extensively.

I started out doing small pieces of art, mostly ACEO's, but have moved on to bigger pieces. I have sold alot on e-Bay, but want to move onto other venues. I find e-Bay is not too art friendly and there doesn't seem to be a market for my style of art.

Here are a few of my early pieces:

This is a small chunky piece that is 4 x 4 x 1.25 called "Emerald City".

lolli pop art
This is another small chunky piece that measures 4 x 4 x 1.25. "Lolli Pop Art". This is a fun colorful piece.

Another 4 x 4 x 1.25 called "Dueling Sunflowers". This is a really cool piece where the sunflowers continue onto the sides of the canvas - wrap around art. This piece was painted outdoors sitting in my backyard on one of those beautiful early fall days on a Friday afternoon having a cocktail. It was a fabulous day and I wanted to capture the crystal blue sky contrasting with the warmth of the sunflowers.

That's all for this evening. Till next time.