Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav's Eye Getting Closer

Well things are picking up here. It's getting windy and we've been having light rain off and on. For the most part it's not too bad. We're boarded up pretty good and I can hear the wind blowing. The eye will be passing over in about 5 hours or so. Things are definately going to get interesting.

The funny thing in the midst of all this are the hummingbirds. Obviously I brought in my feeders and we can see the hummingbirds flying by the back porch looking for their food. The weather does not seem to be affecting them. I'm tempted to go put a feeder out.

I guess you're wondering how can she see the hummingbirds when her house is boarded up? My husband cut narrow peep holes in all the boards so it wouldn't be so claustrophobic and we can get an idea of how bad it's getting outside. Good thinking on his part.

The lights blinked a few times awhile back, but obviously we still have power. I don't know how long that will last though. The wind and gusts are definately picking up, we just had a pretty good gust a second ago. Maybe I won't go put out another feeder.

I've been hearing about the water spilling over the levees in the Industrial Canal in New Orleans on the west side of the canal bordering the upper 9th Ward. I hope those levees hold. God knows New Orleans does not need this. Maybe this storm will move quickly so the winds will change and the water will be pushed back out of the lake and thus the Industrial Canal. If N.O. floods again, I think it would be just too much for too many people.

Well, I'm really losing my train of thought and my mind is wondering. I'm getting back to the TV and storm coverage.

'Til next time - Kat

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